Neck & Shoulder Natural Lupin Heat Pack Blue


A specially designed square lupin heat pack designed to wrap around the neck and shoulders to soothe neck and shoulder pain, muscular stress, mastitis and hot flushes.

It sits so comfortably you won’t even notice you are wearing it. Not to mention that natural lupin is 30% lighter than wheat found in typical heat wheat bags.

Natural lupin heat packs retain temperatures (both heat and cool) the best, have a greater lifespan and will reheat faster for longer than conventional wheat packs.

Natural heat therapy for a natural healing process.
One convenient size fits all.
o Quick heat in microwave
o Freeze and use as a cold pack
o Odour, allergen, chemical and fungicide free
o 30% lighter than a comparable standard wheat bag
o Superior heat retainer than traditional wheat pack
o One simple size fits all
o Assists with poor circulation
o Alleviates muscle soreness and tension build up
o Aids in muscle repair and stress reduction
o 100% natural Australian cotton corduroy cover
o 100% natural Australian lupins
o Made in Australia

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