Hydrated: An Electrolyte Recipe Book by Mel Grande, APD


Quench your thirst for lasting hydration with ‘Hydrated: An Electrolyte Recipe Book’ by Mel Grande, dietitian at Active Health Clinic. Dive into a refreshing collection of recipes designed to replenish and energise your body with essential electrolytes. From easy DIY electrolytes, to delicious electrolyte mocktails, cooling electrolyte-packed icy poles and nostalgic electrolyte jelly; this book is a flavourful journey through beverages and bites that go beyond ordinary hydration.

Whether you’re someone living with invisible illness, specifically OI, POTS and Dysautonomia and wanting to find a fun way to get your sodium in, an active person looking to recover, or simply someone who loves vibrant, thirst-quenching flavours and recipes, ‘Hydrated’ is your go-to guide for elevating your hydration game. Sip, savour, and stay refreshed with every page – because staying hydrated has never been this fun!

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