Fructase helps those with fructose intolerance, it contains the enzyme Xylose Isomerase. This product is taken at the time of the meal or drink that contains fructose, to break down the fructose and avoid the unpleasant IBS type effects of food intolerance.
Directions for use (adult): Take one capsule with liquid (or twist open capsule and place contents on food, or in liquid and stir) immediately before eating/drinking a product containing fructose. Lasts for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
Maximum of 15 capsules daily (for instances of severe food intolerance, taking 2 to 3 capsules can be safely tried if not a sufficient response from 1 capsule, although not commonly required).
Child dose: (2 years and above): The powder is almost tasteless with little texture, so opening the capsule is a great option if do not wish to swallow capsules – and also for childen. Child dose is proportional to food intake, so approximately half the contents of a capsule would be suitable for a food portion half the size of a standard adult portion. Under 2 years of age please seek health professional guidance before use.
Contains per capsule: Xylose Isomerase 7500iu. Excipients: calcium carbonate. HPMC capsule suitable for vegetarians.
Hereditary fructose intolerance: Fructase can not be used by people with hereditary fructose intolerance. This involves a digestion problem in relation to the liver, not in the intestine.

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